Khojasteh Termeh was launched in 1901 by the late Hussein Abbas (Khojasteh) management. He is one of the most famous textile manufacturers and producers; cashmere and art student of Ghiyasuddin Naghshband Yazdi  who had an important role in the development and introduction of the Termeh. Haj-abbas-khojasteh most innovative designs and the role they have on the market during his fertile life has affected his trained students (including his son, Khalil blessed) and are extensively in use. After his death in 1946, Khojasteh Termeh was continued with the management of Haj Khalil Khojasteh. The late Khalil Khojasteh, was born in 1920, in a religious family who were engaged in the textile industry. After completing the primary school at the age of 14, he entered the textile industry and because of particular interest to the art of weaving and due to the creativity and innovation he had in this industry, he produced textiles such as scarves, tie, shirt and suit fabrics, wall coverings, bedspreads, handmade rugs, with Khojasteh trade mark. The late Haj Khalil had a special skill in designing and weaving Termeh. Golestan designs, Quranic frame, Frost, Diba, Crown and.... are many examples of his work that still exist. A part of his efforts in Termeh industry is Daraie weaving and coloring cords